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The Lowcountry Chapter of AFCEA would like to thank the following businesses and organizations for their generosity and sponsorship to the upcoming PCDC event:


PCDC Status Update:


For those of you who were not on the call, please read and respond to the Action Items column in this document ASAP, as many are time sensitive.  The Action Item column, lists important updates needed from the team as well as important updates for the team that came out of the recent meeting.

The latest PCDC Enterprise briefing from Jeff, which he’ll speak to during the 2/27 meeting at CACI (1000-1100) is available here.

Palmetto Cyber Defense Competition with SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic
April 12-13, 2014

The competition will be conducted April 12-13, 2014 at Trident Technical College.

The goal of the PCDC is to energize the schools and their students to focus on the development of technical skills in the area of networking and cyber security in preparation for exciting careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

The competition will involve 8 six-person teams from SC colleges and Universities on April 12th, followed on April 13th by 8 six person teams from SC high schools who prequalified for the event in earlier cyber defense competitions. Each of the teams will be provided with a malconfigured business network at the start of  the competition and will be challenged to properly reconfigure the network, add new services, and respond to additional requirements all the while defending against a Red Team of SPAWAR volunteers attempting to disrupt and penetrate their network.

Our Chapter is supporting the planning, promotion, and organization of the event and taking the lead in working with sponsors and volunteers who wish to support this exciting and important training opportunity for our future cyber security workforce here in South Carolina. For more on the PCDC, see Jeff Sweeney’s brief.

Members who wish to assist as volunteers should contact Amy Bare, the Chapter POC for this event. Amy can be reached at Amy@afceacharleston.org.

Sponsorship level details are available here. For sponsorship opportunities please contact either Marcy Hippey or Chris Ward at sponsorship@afceacharleston.org .