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Membership and Mailing List Information

Membership in AFCEA can be very rewarding for Government and contractor personnel. Individual Membership to AFCEA is one of the most affordable professional society memberships in today's world at only $35 per year or $85 for a three-year membership. Students and enlisted pay grades E1 through E6 are eligible for memberships as low as $15 a year. Additionally, there are various corporate membership options.

AFCEA membership brings

  • SIGNAL Magazine, the premier professional journal of communications, intelligence and information systems.
  • Access to other communications, intelligence and information systems professionals in a variety of settings and forums.
  • The most extensive communications, intelligence and information systems network in the world.
  • World-renowned conventions, conferences and symposia featuring an interchange of the latest communications, intelligence and information systems capabilities and requirements.
  • Stimulating chapter activities tailored to meet professional and individual needs.
  • Professional literature to build a reference library spanning the full spectrum of communications, intelligence and information systems topics.
  • Career strategy assistance, including transition seminars and resume preparation guide.

While all dues support the Association's mission of serving the communications, electronics, intelligence and information technology communities, $20 ($7 for students) is designated for the magazine subscription and is non-deductible. No portion should be considered a charitable contribution but may qualify as a business deduction.

To sign up, call Member Services at 1-800-336-4583 x 6158 or visit the Membership link of the AFCEA International website at

Mailing List Request

If you are not certain you would like to become a member but would like to be kept apprised of all upcoming events you can have our Membership Chair Debra Pierce add you to the mailing list. Please click the "Contact" link and write to the general chapter e-mail or directly to Debra.

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